Clinton Watkins has worked for over 20 years across a number of fields and genres, from audio-visual installation to experimental music.

Building on his interest in scale and fidelity, Clinton’s projects frequently employ repetition, distortion, and duration as a means to explore the characteristics of processing of sonic and visual stimuli. His works are notable for their visceral and precise presentation of scales and phenomena beyond the human by way of video projection, television monitors and screens, and custom-made audio and video hardware. At the centre of much of Clinton’s minimalistic and materially-oriented pieces lies the impulse to investigate the affect that combinations of sonic and visual information have on audiences. Frequently his works also feature stark translations of visual content into the sonic realm (and vice versa), but, regardless of their visual or sonic foundations, are recognisable for Clinton’s determined commitment to intensity of experience and persistent focus on experimental and formal exploration.

Clinton’s works for gallery spaces have been presented by institutions throughout Aotearoa – New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States, and his recorded work has been released on a number of prominent experimental and electronic music imprints. This includes projects for Circle, INDEX:Records, 20City, CLaudia, Mystery Sea, CMR, Absurd, Scarcelight, Bass Agenda, and Unfathomless, among others. In 2018 Clinton traveled to the Mmabolela Reserve on the border of Botswana and South Africa to participate in the Sonic Mmabolela Sound Composers Residency directed by Spanish artist, Francisco Lopez. Recently, Clinton has been working as part of the Chinese/New Zealand artist collective, Field Recordings, notably on two projects about the people who live and work on the Yangtze Delta near Shanghai.

Clinton holds a Doctorate in Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts (University of Auckland) a Senior Lecturer in Creative Technologies specializing in Sound and Installation at the School of Future Environments, AUT.

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