Edwina Stevens (eves) is an audio-visual artist working across live performance, installation and spatial sound design. She uses analogue audio equipment, found acoustic instruments, as well as field recording and video equipment such as a DSLR camera and portable audio recorders to make minimal and haunting soundscapes and filmic portraits of places and times.

Through composition, improvisation and performance, Edwina draws on material created during 'self-directed residencies' or as a result of impromptu travel, emphasizing the significance of being open to the unforeseen and accepting of the erroneous or accidental. In this manner of engaging with sound, she embraces the improvisational, collaborative and incidental nature working in and with environmental sound while rejecting problematic notions of presupposition, exploitation and control. Her practice is characterized by this continual challenging of colonial perspectives on place, and specifically her questioning of Anglo-colonial concepts of ownership, boundary, utilization and value. Her pieces often unfold following an improvisation or a serendipitous opportunity to generate or collect a sound or image, and combine sonic material – principally field recordings, synthesized sounds, and those which emanate from obsolete technologies – and visual content, to investigate the experiential nature and political and cultural context of a given place.

Edwina also worked and curated within two project spaces, None Gallery (Dunedin, 2006-2012) and Rice and Beans (Dunedin, 2011-2012). These spaces frequently exhibited and hosted artists locally and internationally as a no-cost, open spaces for experimental artists and their practices.

Alongside her audio-visual gallery-practice, Edwina performs under the moniker, eves, and since 2011 has presented visual and sonic pieces at a number of high profile events across New Zealand and Australia. Frequently these performances occur in collaborative and self-structured contexts and have taken place at the likes Lines of Flight Festival, Ladyz In Noyz, Next Wave Festival, and Nowhere Festival. As eves, Edwina has produced a number of albums (for which she was nominated for Best Experimental Avant-Garde Act of 2015 by The Age Music Victoria Awards). She also performs as one half of the experimental noise duo Torrential Brain with Jennifer Tait and as bass player in long-running Dunedin noise rock band Thee Aesthetics.

She is currently a senior lecturer at Melbourne Polytechnic and is undertaking a Practice-led research project at Deakin University.

Disrhythms (Edwina Stevens)

eves (Edwina Stevens)

Edwina Stevens